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Codicote is a boutique company of construction professionals. We offer construction advice, construction planning and client project management services.

Codicote is named after the village in Hertfordshire, England where founder Dave Jenkins was born. Dave Jenkins started working as a consultant in 2005 after working for Tier One builders for 25 years. Initially trading as DS Jenkins Project Management, Dave then set up Codicote in 2007.

We are a team of construction professionals with the majority of our experience being as the on-site builder.

We’ve worked all around Australia and we’ve recently had involvement internationally; geographical location is not a limiting factor for us. We’re motivated by people and their ‘can do’ attitude towards achieving goals. Our mission statement is about working with people that are like-minded and enjoyable to work with; we will work hard but we want to enjoy the journey with you too.

Our team recognises that honesty, integrity and trust are major considerations when selecting a consultant. We are committed to providing our clients with the highest ethical standards.

The boutique nature of our business means that we only take on a select number clients and commitments – this means that our focus is on you and your business.

Codicote understands the importance of sustainability and the role it plays in corporate commitments and the long-term benefit it provides for people, customers and the environment. Out team will ensure that sustainable initiatives are incorporated into the design development of projects from its conception as well as safeguarding their materialisation during construction.

Codicote has formed a workplace environment that encourages the growth and development of our employees. With a 50% gender ratio and an emphasis on work life balance, we nurture employees who are committed high achievers, aim for excellence in their work and act with integrity at all times.

About Us

Expertise, knowledge and depth of experience are held by people, not companies. Our senior team has many years of on-site experience as builders.

Our people are construction professionals that have spent the majority of their careers employed by major construction companies working on large, complex and diverse development, design and construction projects.

We offer a team of people who are focused on our clients’ needs and committed to enhancing their investment returns. We ensure that our dedicated and trustworthy team will carry out their services professionally and diligently.

Codicote Managing Director Dave Jenkins and senior staff members are builders, Construction Planners and Client Project Managers. We have spent several decades as builders with companies like Westfield (Aust & UK), Biwater International, Concrete Constructions, Costain, Lend Lease, Multiplex, Leighton, Built, Kier Group (UK), URS, Walton , Wimpey Engineering & Construction, ISG plc (UK)[formerly Pearce Group Ltd].

Our Team

By engaging Codicote as part of your team early in the process, you have the advantage of a builder’s experience on your side.

Codicote provides specialist knowledge akin to having an in-house construction company involved through the phases of pre-development, design, builder procurement and construction. Our approach is to add value to our clients by taking advantage of the fact that we are builders now working on the client’s side – whether you are a developer, financier, lawyer, builder or trade contractor, you are our client.

For developers, valuable input and leadership is provided in the concept/feasibility/planning phase; this includes advice on staging and planning works (often within an operational environment), design alternatives, buildability, value engineering, contract negotiation, contract administration and delivery. All of this can be achieved without the need to engage a builder early in the process. This then allows for competitive pricing and contract negotiation during the contractor selection phase – tender documents produced provide a conforming tender with a build solution, thereby allowing an ‘apples for apples’ tender comparison. For our developer clients, this provides a competitive environment that delivers the best overall outcome from a cost, risk and time perspective.

Codicote has a proven track record of providing tailored project delivery services for projects of varying scale, value, size, risk and complexity. We are able to integrate with our clients to become their long-term trusted advisor, which is demonstrated by our high level of repeat business. We work with developers providing Construction Planning advice and as the Client Project Manager; we work with builders and trade contractors on tenders, live construction projects and claims; we work with financiers providing construction advice and peer reviews; we work with law firms providing construction and planning advice. Whichever client we are working with, we are providing advice that is founded on construction experience.

Our unique approach sets us apart from others in the industry, which is made possible by the construction backbone of our people. We listen to our clients, we provide strong leadership and we make sure the interests of the project and stakeholders are best served, and that goals are achieved. We offer transparency, honesty and fairness in our ‘no surprises’ approach.

Our Approach

At Codicote, we understand that, like our clients, each industry sector is unique.

We have worked across a broad range of public and private industry sectors in Australia and internationally, which has exposed us to a variety of construction environments.

Our people have had first-hand construction experience, development & construction planning and client project management experience across many industry sectors including:


Codicote's people have successfully completed a significant portfolio of contemporary commercial projects, from major refurbishments to complex new builds. These landmark developments are testimony to the growing strength of our business and our valued and repeated client relationships.


Our residential experience ranges from small boutique developments to high density high-rise developments carried out for local and international developers. Our knowledge of each stage of the development process is fundamental to the service we provide.


Codicote’s retail team have extensive planning, construction and project management experience in building iconic, world class retail developments. We understand the intricacies of every retail challenge and are committed to work with stakeholders throughout every stage of the development. Attention to detail across all aspects is important including: how customers will operate businesses; how retailers will trade and how car parks will function to name but a few.


Codicote has worked for companies in the aviation sector around Australia and has a proven track record in delivering in the airport environment. We understand airport constraints, security and operational requirements and the have a good depth of experience in the planning and delivery of construction works within this complex operational environment. We understand the key drivers of delivering a successful project – robust tender and construction documentation; meticulous pre-planning and staging processes; temporary works; security considerations throughout the entire project and engaging with stakeholders.


We’re worked on civils projects, such as the Sydney Habour Tunnel South Shore Works and on large building projects that have significant civil components. Codicote has employees who are civil engineers enabling us to actively participate in Planning and Project Management tasks.


We can add the most value by getting involved in healthcare projects as early as possible, particularly if the works are to be carried out in within an operational hospital or healthcare facility. We understand the principles of operational flow, stakeholder engagement, delivery and hygiene requirements as well as revenue based considerations so that staging proposals, construction timings and documentation can be tailored to suit the requirements of the facility in question. This allows us to add value from the inception of the project through to handover.


The physical environment is extremely important to any venue operator. In operational establishments maintaining continuity of business, whilst balancing continued revenue generation throughout the construction phase right up to handover is always a balancing act that requires know how. For new construction projects we understand the interface and co-ordination between the base building and fit out works and the process of handover to the final operator or operators.


Our clients trust us with the highest level security requirement. Confidentiality is a major driver in selecting consultants on any security project. We’ve got a proven track record of achieving what our clients demand. Difficult and unique construction is our forte; given our construction background, our boutique operation and our focus on a small number of projects, the client demand of balancing confidentiality with construction expertise are achieved on any security project.


Our experience extends from design involvement in a number of facilities to assistance with the detailed construction planning for the extension and construction of new facilities. Aged care facilities are sensitive in nature and require an understanding of the deliverables involved in working within and around existing facilities. As the design of aged care facilities continues to evolve, we can draw on our skills from other sectors to add value to the project.


Our team have experience in the planning and construction of sporting and recreational facilities in Australia and overseas with much of the work often carried out within operational facilities where construction techniques, staging and timing is critical to minimising disruption to our clients. Our project experience includes international health clubs and sporting facilities as well as local and Community and Recreational facilities on behalf of Council and AFL clubs in Victoria.


Our educational experience extends from small local school expansion projects to extension and purpose built facilities carried out as part of Government programmes or directly for private schools. We understand that attention to detail is required when managing construction works around term times in particular access, operational disruptions and works to services infrastructure.


We have provided advice for high security government projects both nationally and internationally so our knowledge of security constraints and government stakeholder requirements are a key part of advising our clients when carrying out construction works within sensitive environments. Our role has ranged from pre-construction strategic and construction planning advice to a full time site-based client project management role.


Our team have worked for contractor clients on student accommodation projects for private student accommodation providers as well as for University clients developing their own campus facilities. We understand the timing, staging and operational constraints involved in the construction of such facilities within operational campus or CBD environments.

Our Experience
  • Trust, loyalty and demonstrated commitment to our clients
  • Codicote senior managers are builders working on the client side
  • Combined with over 100 years of on-site construction experience
  • Ability to lead large teams on large scale, complex projects
  • Ability to have a detailed understanding of project logistics and deliverables
  • Programming, staging and buildability expertise
  • Stakeholder Management ability
  • Design Management ability
  • Contractual and contract administration expertise
  • Delivery record
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Mandarin Oriental, 600 Collins Street
Mandarin Oriental, 600 Collins Street

Landream appointed Codicote in June 2017 to undertake the construction advice and construction planning including staging, methodology and logistics of their most significant project in the Southern Hemisphere as designed by Zaha Hadid, which is due for completion in 2023. This project is the first announced property for the Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group in Australia.

Landream is an experienced private developer with significant Australian and overseas interests, with several projects delivered or underway in Sydney and Melbourne.

Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group is the award winning owner and global operator of 29 luxurious hotel resorts and residences.

‘600 Collins Street’ comprises a 185 metre high mixed use building with luxury hotel residences, guestrooms and suites with retail and business offices in Melbourne’s CBD. The demolition of the existing 600 Collins Street building will make way for construction of 5 new basement levels for approximately 200 car park spaces and over 200 bicycle spaces and back of house facilities as well as 50 new floors above Collins Street.

Dame Zaha Hadid was the world renowned architect, who was the first female recipient of the Pritzker architecture prize in 2004. She twice won the most prestigious architecture ‘RIBA Stirling Prize’.

The façade solution by the design team for the Mandarin Oriental at 600 Collins Street focuses on an elegant and intricate twin structure. This façade design involves Codicote in delivering one of our most stringent and demanding construction advice and construction planning solutions to enable certainty of delivery of this exciting and complex structure into operation for our client.

Landream have congratulated us on our ongoing involvement in their high profile project with approval from their JV partners, which involves us securing a builder in July 2019 to construct the project.

The Valley Private Hospital
The Valley Private Hospital

The Valley Private Hospital is a leading Private Hospital in Melbourne`s eastern suburbs owned by Australian Unity and operated by Healthe Care. The hospital has had little alteration since its construction in the early 80`s. Healthe Care planned the expansion of the Hospital to more than double its utilisation and capacity. The project included the following elements:

  • New two story Ward building with four new Operating Theatres and a New Hybrid Cath Lab Theatre;
  • Rebuilding the existing three theatres with all new services, pendants and tables;
  • New Endoscopy Suite Day Surgery for up to 80 procedures a day;
  • Refurbishment of existing wards including new bathrooms, all services, DU and CU facilities and nurses stations;
  • Two new Recovery wards (General and Hybrid Theatre);
  • New ICU wing; New/refurbished CCU wing;
  • New CSSD facility;
  • Replacement of medical gas system within the hospital and provision of a large oxygen storage facility;
  • Provision of a new emergency power plant (1100 kva);
  • Replacement of sub-station which was in a basement space;
  • New UPS system for all major installations;
  • Replacement of major AC plant, chillers and hot water boilers;
  • New Emergency and Ambulance facilities

Overcoming challenges

During the works the hospital remained fully operational including the Emergency Department and Theatres. This required daily planning of building operations with the hospital CEO and Director of Nursing. Not one day of hospital operations was lost during the works.

We developed a system of airtight hoardings to use around the hospital to contain the works which was highly successful.

Every portion of the works was handed over with full documentation and defect free. There were no defects at the end of the DLP to be attended to. The Department of Health was extremely happy with all of the works and comments were limited to a few design issues.

Monash University Stage 2 Student Accommodation
Monash University Stage 2 Student Accommodation

Codicote was appointed to manage, assess and carry out a high level feasibly study to construct two new residential developments to the northwest of the Monash University Clayton Campus.

Using the knowledge and experience of the combined Project Management and Construction Planning teams a total of 19 alternative design schemes were assessed. This process involved leading consultant meetings both with Monash University and project stakeholders to ascertain true development needs along with core values for the project.


Value management was a key driver for the project along with maximisation of earning potential coupled with activation at street level and integration of surrounding parkland and college walks.

The Codicote planning team were an integral part of the team and prepared the design, tender and construction programme. This included detailed design and procurement planning as well as detailed construction programming. This included authority considerations, stakeholder approvals at each stage of the design process and other key development activities.

The project involved constructing in challenging geotechnical conditions and traffic management considerations were a central part of the understanding of the project.

Using Information gathered during the 3 month assessment period with Monash University and project stakeholders an all-encompassing report was produced along with considerations and suggestions for the ongoing project to proceed.

Broadway Shopping Centre
Broadway Shopping Centre

The Broadway Shopping Centre Redevelopment consists of a major refurbishment of Level 2 and modification to the main entry on Bay Street by co-owners, Mirvac and Perron. Feasibility and planning for the project began in 2014 with construction scheduled to begin in late 2015 and completion 12 months later.

The major works involve a remix of the Retail and Food specialties on level 2 to create a “destination” Dining Precinct capable of operating throughout the day and extending into the evening providing visitors with options from a “quick bite” to a full sit down service. The adjacent mezzanine carpark level is to be demolished in order to accommodate an International Fashion Mini-Major and the main entry to the centre from Bay Street is to be updated with changes to the façade, paving and awnings.

The Project Management, Construction Advice, and Planning provided by Codicote have so far resulted in significant savings to the Project. Structural solutions have been adopted that will save the client in the order of $2M and the Staging Plan will allow the construction of the works to be completed with a reduced duration and impact on the trading centre. Codicote imparted their experience to facilitate the Development Application to City of Sydney and in negotiation of Leases and Development deeds with both the incoming Mini-Major and existing Majors.

In 2015 Broadway Shopping Centre has been ranked Australia’s best performing centre for the third consecutive year with a turnover per square metre (MAT/m2) of $12,248. The centre is ideally located in close proximity to Sydney University, Central Station and the new Central Park development along with Glebe, Newtown and Ultimo.

The access, stakeholder and environmental constraints of such a high performing retail centre in a congested urban location required careful consideration of the staging and logistics in order to achieve a positive outcome. The Codicote developed “Construction Solution” that has formed the basis of the Tender Documentation will allow a “like for like” analysis of the responses and a successful project will ensure Mirvac increased income growth and allow the centre to continue to provide a Retail and Dining experience relevant to the location and demographic of their customers.

Kathmandu at The Galleria
Kathmandu at The Galleria

‘The Galleria’ at 385 Bourke Street is a 41 level, A-Grade Office Tower with two levels of ground floor retail providing over 45 retail tenancies located in a prime CBD location. The building provides convenient access to all major retail, dining and transport options. ‘The Galleria’ at 385 Bourke Street features a prominent corner location and a splayed building orientation allowing for enhanced natural light and view opportunities.

The Works undertaken in this chapter of the building’s history was to combine six existing tenancies into one, in preparation for the incoming tenant Kathmandu to take possession and carry out their fit-out works.

Codicote has been working on the asset since 2009. Our expertise in retail delivery as both the Builder and Client side Project Manger enables us to complement the Development Team to ensure best outcome for all involved.

Codicote was appointed by Dexus to manage the design, tender the works, engage the Building Works Contractor, manage the construction phase and coordinate Kathmandu’s requirements and the concerns of the adjacent tenants.

The design development commenced in November of 2014. In accordance with the development programme, work on site started in March of 2015 and was completed in July 2015. Store opening is anticipated in November 2015.

The project had many complexities including structural modifications to the base building that required load transfer down through public space into the upper car park levels.

In addition, the close proximity to the general public and operating businesses took careful planning and tenancy coordination to appease all building users.

Emporium Melbourne
Emporium Melbourne

Emporium Melbourne forms the second stage of the Myer Redevelopment undertaken by Colonial First State and GIC.

Design started in early 2009 and construction started in mid-2010. The Emporium Melbourne is currently under construction by Grocon with the first stage due for completion in April 2014.

The development comprises 5 levels and boasts 220 specialty retail stores including international brands, a basement level logistics hub accessed by two massive truck lifts from Caledonian Lane. The Emporium Melbourne is one of the largest CBD retail-only developments undertaken in recent years.

A heritage requirement of the project included the retention of both the Lonsdale Street and Little Bourke Street Heritage Facades. Codicote facilitated the design of the temporary retention structures, analysed programme implications and was integral in the authority approval process. The Lonsdale Street temporary retention structure spanned three traffic lanes and was founded on the centre median strip.

The use of an external façade retention system in lieu of a more traditional internal façade retention system facilitated a reduced programme duration, cost savings and it provided a low-risk alternative for the owners.

The pre-planning, construction alternatives and logistics solutions, programming and stakeholder management outcomes involved in Codicote’s construction advice were ultimately represented in the tender documents. This construction solution represented in the tender enabled a ‘like-for-like’ tender analysis, with Grocon’s actual construction methodology varying little from that produced by Codicote for the tender. The development also includes the construction of two new pedestrian tunnels and two new multi-story pedestrian bridges in Little Bourke Street, linking the new development to Myer and David Jones. The existing bridge to Melbourne Central has been retained.

Emporium Melbourne is positioned to become the centre of retail in Melbourne’s CBD.

Pacific Fair Redevelopment
Pacific Fair Redevelopment

Pacific Fair is the largest shopping centre in Queensland and the fourth largest shopping centre in Australia. The $670 million redevelopment of the centre commenced in January 2014 and it set out to achieve a new standard of retailing excellence through recognition as a world-class indoor/outdoor leisure and entertainment precinct. The redeveloped centre was completed in August 2016.

A new two-level shopping mall, comprising 94,000 square metres of new retail space including 1,300 new car park spaces connects with the existing mall. Pacific Fair now totals 150,000 square metres and consists of almost 420 shops, restaurants and entertainment destinations under one roof. The retail mix includes fashion, leisure and lifestyle retailers.

Pacific Fair has one of the largest concentrations of luxury retailers and global brands of any shopping centre in Australia, including Givenchy, Gucci, Hermes, Louis Vuitton, Prada, Salvatore Ferragamo and Tiffany & Co, to name a few.

The line-up of global retailers include David Jones, H&M, and Uniqlo, which is complimented by  Australian designers like Aje, Alice McCall, Bul, Camilla, Carla Zampatti, Dion Lee, Manning Cartell, Myer, Sass & Bide, Scanlan
Theodore and Zimmermann.

Pacific Fair achieved a clean sweep in all categories at the 2016 Queensland Retail Property Awards.

Codicote’s initial role for AMP Capital at Pacific Fair focused on tenancy coordination of upwards of 90 new top end retail units.

AMP Capital drew upon our wider expertise to assist with Design Management, Construction Advice and Construction Planning services. Our expanded role and scope of services contributed to the successful opening of the extended Pacific Fair Shopping Centre on 31 August 2016.

Southern Precinct Project
Southern Precinct Project

Melbourne Airport is developing the Southern Precinct of Melbourne Airport to facilitate expansion plans. Included within this is the construction of a new terminal T4, a multi-level car park and transport hub, and a major services tunnel.

Codicote was engaged by Melbourne Airport to provide strategic planning and construction advice for the Southern Precinct Project. This included construction programming, staging, logistics, stakeholder engagement and management, and the production of tender documentation with a completed construction solution.

The tender documents produced included the design & construction programme, staging diagrams, pour sequence diagrams, traffic logistics, truck routes, site accommodation location, stakeholder ‘house rules’ and so on. Codicote was engaged as the lead in the Procurement Process until the project was put on hold.

This solution was tendered as the conforming tender and enabled a ‘likefor-like’ tender analysis to be carried out.

The new terminal construction includes demolition of the existing Pier F Concourse whilst maintaining the operation of Pier F via a temporary access way. Codicote provided innovative ideas as construction solutions to this and many other circumstances where air-side works, terminal works and land-side works were required to be planned and carried out with precision.
Codicote worked in Melbourne Airport’s office, where a high degree of security and confidentiality was required. Codicote also assisted Melbourne Airport by tendering the Client Project Manager role for the MLS Project and provided early construction advice for the proposed new services tunnel construction.

The Carlson
The Carlson

The project began with the demolition of an existing commercial building and
construction is now underway on a 35 storey residential building.

Developed by private developer Healey and Co, the new building has a number of
construction challenges including a very limited 276m2 site footprint, adjoining
buildings, a central CBD location and constrained construction access.

The Codicote planning team were appointed by the concrete structure contractor
following commencement of construction to prepare an updated structure
programme and accompanying monitoring tools to ensure that time control and
management of the structure programme reflected the constraints of the site.

The structure contractor was seeking to recover lost time and achieve the targeted
completion date under challenging logistical constraints. Codicote prepared an
updated and detailed construction programme accounting for each structure subtrade
including formwork, reinforcement, PT, precast concrete and insitu concrete

The high level of programme detail combined with the straight forward monitoring
tools prepared by Codicote enabled the contractor to maintain visibility at all times on
productivity and performance and provide this information to the main contractor for
the scheduling of follow-on trades.

This also ensured that deliveries could be scheduled to suit the constrained site
location while at the same time ensuring that the jump form, tower crane and
construction hoist movements could be planned in advance.



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We take great pride in both the projects we deliver and the diverse range of clients we have worked for since 2007.

A selection of our recent clients includes:

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Greenland Group Greenland Group
Probuild Probuild
Armitage Jones Armitage Jones
Broad Apm Broad Apm
Buildcorp Buildcorp
Built Built
Central Equity Central Equity
Charter Hall Charter Hall
Colonial First State Global Asset Management Colonial First State Global Asset Management
DEXUS Property Group DEXUS Property Group
Grollo Group Grollo Group
Hansen Yucken Hansen Yucken
Hutchinson Builders Hutchinson Builders
Leighton Contractor Leighton Contractor
Lend Lease Lend Lease
Lotus Equity Lotus Equity
Lyon Capitals Lyon Capitals
Australian Pacific Airports (Melbourne) Australian Pacific Airports (Melbourne)
Uniqlo Uniqlo
Schiavello Schiavello
Reserve Bank of Australia Reserve Bank of Australia
Victoria Square QV Investments Victoria Square QV Investments
Study Group Study Group
Wyndham Harbour Pty Ltd Wyndham Harbour Pty Ltd


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Codicote’s director and senior staff members are construction people; they have spent the majority of their careers employed by major construction companies, working on large, complex and diverse development, design and construction projects at the “coal face”. We have spent several decades as builders with companies like Built, Concrete Constructions, Kier Group (UK), Leighton, Lend Lease,  Multiplex, Walton, Westfield (Aust & UK) and ISG plc (UK) [formerly Pearce Group Ltd].

We add real construction expertise from the pre-construction phase through to construction to completion.

  • Our Senior Team are actively involved in all stages of the project.
  • We offer a team of people who are focused on the client’s needs and committed to enhancing the client’s investment returns. We guarantee that our dedicated & trustworthy team will carry out their services professionally and diligently
  • We are able to tailor a depth of personalised services that makes us unique amongst our peers
  • We provide innovative solutions to the client with the most profitable and risk-acceptable alternatives
  • We are able to provide meaningful advice based on real industry experience
  • We are dynamic and yet able to adhere to required processes

Our Executive Committee is;

Dave Jenkins
Dave Jenkins
Managing Director
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Ian Watson
Ian Watson
General Manager Projects
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Stephen Wells
Stephen Wells
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Samantha Harris
Samantha Harris
Commercial Manager
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John Cox
John Cox
General Manager Projects
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